Blueberry Bang Rooibos from Culinary Teas


Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Tisane Description:

Rooibos is also known as Red Bush or Red Tea. The incredible fresh fruit character of this herbal tea conjures memories of tiny flavorful blueberries. The aroma of Blueberry Bang Rooibos portends a wonderful taste experience. 

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

I’m really impressed with this Blueberry Bang Rooibos from Culinary Teas.  The blueberry flavor is INTENSE … and I’m liking that a lot.

From the moment I tore into the package, I could smell the enticing aroma of blueberries!  Such a delightful, delicious fragrance, it evoked thoughts of yummy blueberry muffins.  Then I read this information on the Culinary Teas website about “blueberry bang” which … I guess is supposed to be a pancake-y sort of thing … and all the sudden, my thoughts of yummy blueberry muffins made sense.

The blueberry flavor here is strong, and the sweet, nutty flavor of the rooibos blends in well with the flavor to create a taste that is very reminiscent of blueberry pancakes or muffins.  It’s sweet with just a hint of berry tart.  It’s really quite tasty.

This tisane is one that is really good served either hot or iced, and because it’s naturally caffeine free, it’s one that you can serve to your kids without worry that they’re getting too much caffeine.  And it’s got a flavor that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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