Momijigari Black Tea Blend from Lupicia Tea

momiTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Lupicia Tea

Tea Description:

 Vibrant autumn leaves are blended into black tea. A sophisticated flavor of apple and apricot is limited to the autumn. Limited Quantity & Period Only

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Taster’s Review:

As I sit here, smelling the wonderful aroma that wafts from my teacup, I am reminded of autumn.  This Momijigari Black Tea Blend from Lupicia Tea smells … like autumn!  Like the smell of the air and the leaves and the apples.  There is a distinct wine-like character to the fragrance as well, with the faintest hints of smoke.

This is one of the more unique flavored teas that I’ve tasted … and it truly tastes like autumn to me.  It has notes of apple and apricot in the flavor – two fruits I think of when I think of harvest.  I like that while these are distinct flavor profiles here, they do not overpower the cup.

I’m also tasting a wine-like flavor – it is rustic and warm – like mulled wine without the spices.  I taste the faintest hints of smoke … reminiscent of the air that I would experience in the autumn as the air begins to cool and smoke is wafting from the chimneys.

And the black tea is not absent here either.  There is a warm, earthy tone to the background … not an aggressive or strong black tea flavor … but just enough to support the other flavors.

This is a very enjoyable cuppa from Lupicia Tea!

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