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Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea from Teavivre



Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Teavivre

Tea Description:

This Organic Dragon Well Long Jing tea origins in organic tea base of Tianmu Mountain in Lin’an, Hangzhou. The organic tea base of Tianmu Mountain, has passed the organic certification of European, USA and Japan, is a significant base of planting organic dragon well and green tea. This dragon well long jing tea persists a high level in picking and producing while meeting the standard of organic certification. The tea should be picked as one bud and two leaves or three leaves in order to reach the standard. Tea workers also have excellent skills, which help keep the natural features of fresh tea leaves. Combined with the advantages of organic tea and high grade tea, this dragon well long jing tea is suitable for tea lovers of organic tea as well as dragon well green tea.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh how I love Teavivre!  Why?  Because they never fail to impress me with their high quality teas.  This Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea is absolutely stunning!

It tastes so deliciously sweet, smooth, and there isn’t even the slightest hint of bitterness.  It is sweet from start to finish.  It is vaguely reminiscent of tender, freshly roasted chestnuts.  The buttery smooth, sweet flavor of chestnut!  YUM!  There are also notes of savory vegetation in there too … not really grassy, or even like steamed veggies … but just that subtle touch of “green” to it.  This is the way a Dragon Well should taste!

I love the freshness of this Dragon Well and this is typical of all the teas that Teavivre offers – their teas are just so very fresh and delicious.  (Except for their pu-erhs which are aged and delicious.)  I also love that this particular selection is an organic offering.  Without having compared a conventionally grown Dragon Well versus an organically grown Dragon Well, I can’t say that there is a difference in taste between the two.  But, I know that I feel better knowing that this tea is organic.

This tea is delicious served hot, but, it’s also quite nice when chilled – which is how I’m drinking it now.  I had brewed a teapot of the tea this afternoon, and drank one cup of it hot, and then refrigerated the rest of it, and am able to enjoy a frosty glass of tasty iced tea.  While I do prefer MOST teas served hot versus iced … since the warm weather is upon us now, it’s nice to be able to enjoy this one iced.  It’s very refreshing!

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“Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea from Teavivre”

  1. May 21st, 2013 at 5:58 am       Gareth Says:

    If you like this one you should try our Dragonwell, its superb!

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