Black Raspberry Tea Blend from Trail Lodge Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green & White Teas

Where to Buy:  Trail Lodge Tea

Tea Description:

This is one of our own tea blends. Green and white tea is combined with black raspberries.The combination of China green and white tea brews up to a light and sweet liquid that combines perfectly with black raspberries. Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified TM Organic China Green Tea, Fair Trade CertifiedTM Organic Pai Mu Tan, and dried black raspberries,and Organic Natural Flavoring

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Taster’s Review:

YUM!  OK, first of all, I have to admit that I found the name a little confusing.  I form a lot of pre-tasting conclusions and/or opinions about a tea just by reading the name of the tea, which is probably something I shouldn’t do.  But I can’t help it.  And when I read “Black Raspberry,” I jumped to the conclusion that this would be a flavored black tea blend.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the pouch of this Black Raspberry Tea Blend from Trail Lodge Tea and immediately recognized the Pai Mu Tan and Green Tea leaves!  Not so surprising were the big, whole, dried black raspberries … but I expected to find black tea leaves, not white and green tea leaves!

The aroma is positively delicious.  It’s one of those fragrant teas that just got my taste buds excited by taking a whiff and taking in the amazing black raspberry notes.  My mouth was watering, and I could hardly wait for the three minutes infusion time to pass.  (I infused this tea using a low temperature water  – just 170°F and steeped the leaves for three minutes, and I’m very pleased with the results!)

This is YUMMY!  The green and white teas pair up to create a delicious base that is smooth and slightly creamy.  The creamy notes accentuated the raspberry tones very well.  The tea tastes a little vegetative, a little earthy, and very crisp and refreshing!  It has a light taste that sort of dances over the palate; it’s invigorating … but not in the same way that a black tea invigorates and energizes… this is more of a gentle, inspiring invigoration.  Like a sweet cleansing of the palate.

The raspberry is the star of this show, but, even though it is the “key note” here, it does not overwhelm the base of green and white teas.  Trail Lodge Tea has achieved a delightful balance with this tea.  This is one of the nicest raspberry teas I’ve tasted in a while.  The raspberry is sweet yet tart, and there is that tingly, tart note that rests on the palate in the aftertaste … but, it isn’t as powerful as *other* raspberry teas tend to be.  And as one who is not typically a big fan of tartness, I find this gentle tingly sensation to be quite refreshing and enjoyable.

My only complaint?  This tea disappeared way too quickly from my teacup!  It is one of those teas that I just can’t seem to stop sipping until it’s gone!  Delicious!

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