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Tea & Cookies Flavored Black Tea from Caraway Tea Company



Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Caraway Tea Company

Tea Description:

You’’ll love how the sweet apple, scent of juicy oranges, and delicate cream sooth the spicy bits of cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, cloves and hot fruity pepper. Add a little milk and sugar and you’ll enjoy a special treat.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Mmm!  I don’t know if what I’m tasting is “Tea & Cookies” so much as tea and cozy warm spices with hints of fruit … but, I’m enjoying this tea enough to overlook the fact that Tea & Cookies Flavored Black Tea from Caraway Tea Company might be suffering from a bit of a misnomer.

So what if it doesn’t taste exactly like “Tea & Cookies” to me … I can still kind of get where their coming from, calling it this.  It has a warm taste to it that reminds me of the smells that come from the kitchen around the holiday season, when the aroma of freshly baked cookies and warm spices fill the air!   This tea not only captures that fragrance, but the scent also translates into the flavor.  This tea tastes the way the kitchen smells during the holiday season!

The black tea base is a strong enough tea to hold its own in the presence of the spices, but, doesn’t attempt to overthrow the flavors of this cup.  The Caraway Tea Company website doesn’t mention what type of black tea is used in this blend, only that it’s “black tea.”  Based on what I’m tasting, I’d guess it’s a high-quality Ceylon … it has a strong flavor, but it’s pretty even-tempered, and doesn’t get too brassy or assertive.

There is a nice “bake-y/cake-y” kind of flavor going on with the cup too.  So, the cookie thing is not too far-fetched … and together with the cinnamon notes, it evokes thoughts of a snickerdoodle cookie.  The apple notes are very delicate but they do provide a nice sweetness to the cup.  It doesn’t taste distinctly “apple” with the first few sips, but, give it time … by the time I reached mid-cup,  the apple notes seemed to emerge, as did the delicious, juicy orange notes.

The other spices provide more of a soothing, gentle warmth to the cup rather than a strong spicy overtone.  This isn’t a heavily SPICED tea even though there are quite a few spices in the tea.  The spices accentuate nicely, though, which give the overall cup a sweet yet warm, cozy kind of effect.

A very delicious cuppa … this is one that I’d want to have on hand whenever I’m in need of a comforting cup of coziness!

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