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Golden Buds Black Tea from Spire Tea



Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Description:

Known as “Yunnan Pure Gold”, this tippy black tea from China is easily recognizable and produces a rich liquor with light caramel and honey notes.

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Taster’s Review:

There really are very few black teas that I enjoy more than a Golden Yunnan tea like this Golden Buds Black Tea from Spire Tea.  I love the rich, caramel-esque flavor of this tea!  It’s so deliciously satisfying.

Every single leaf (well, actually, these truly are “buds”) is fully golden in color, ranging from a matte gold color to a soft brown.  But these aren’t leaves that are “tipped” in gold, they are gold from one edge to the other with only slight variations in color throughout the bud.  The aroma of the brewed tea is soft and earthy.

And the flavor!  It is oh-so-good!  Rich!  Robust!  It is one of those teas that you just sip and then sit back while your eyes roll back and you emit a satisfied “ahhhh” because it’s just that good.  It has enough gusto to serve as that first cup of the day, and it is smooth enough to serve as an afternoon tea if you prefer it.  It would take the additions of honey and/or milk well, but, I would recommend trying it without additions first.  It has a natural honey-like flavor to it already … you might find it to be plenty sweet and flavorful without the additions.

This is a tea that I prefer hot.  It certainly tastes good iced, but, to me, it seems like such a waste to serve this tea iced when it tastes as good as it does hot.  It’s kind of like serving a filet mignon cold.  Sure, it probably tastes good like that.  But, really, why would you do that when it is obviously better when it’s served hot… you know?  Do yourself a favor and savor the flavor of this tea hot!

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