2012 Fu Ding Bai Cha Chinese White Tea from China Cha Dao

2012 Fu Ding Bai Cha from China Cha Dao
2012 Fu Ding Bai Cha from China Cha Dao

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  China Cha Dao

Tea Description:

Fuding Ba Cha is a really healthy tea, it has the effect of medicaltreatment, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, anti-oxidation, anti-radiation & anti-tumor. We have customer with high blood pressure and this tea works out really well for him, just have a small cup everyday or every two day, is healthy!

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Taster’s Review:

This white tea really took me by surprise!  Usually when I brew a white tea, I expect it to be gentle and of subtle taste.  Delicate.  But this has a much stronger flavor than I expected!  Yes, this 2012 Fu Ding Bai Cha Chinese White tea from China Cha Dao has a softer flavor than say, a Yunnan Black tea … but for a white tea – this tea boasts a whole lot of taste!

The flavor is vegetative, but not in the same way a green tea tastes vegetative.  This is more like a crisp, light taste that reminds me of freshly cut hay … hay that isn’t quite dried through, still has a bit of that fresh, green-ness to it.  There is also a taste that evokes thoughts of dew drops on new spring leaves.  It has that kind of freshness to it.

There is a mild nutty flavor to this as well as a creamy note that is really quite enticing … it keeps me sipping.  The tea is very beautifully complex … the kind of tea that you want to steep on a lazy afternoon when you just want to relax and contemplate the beauty of tea.  (And when do you NOT want to do that?  Sure, we don’t always have TIME to do that, but I think we always want to, don’t we?)  It is a nice tea with which to unwind, and it is gently restorative.

A really nice tea – the first that I’ve tried from this company.  If this is any indication of how wonderful the teas from this company are going to be, I’m really looking forward to tasting more!

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