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Ginger Sweet Peach Herbal Tisane from Tiesta Tea



Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit & Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  Tiesta Tea

Tisane Description:

Take a break from the day and let yourself relax in the golden world of this delicious fruit blend. Smooth ginger and spicy peppercorns unite with soft peaches and mouth-watering honeydew to form a sweet and spicy flavor that just don’t stop.

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

As I poured this Ginger Sweet Peach Herbal Tisane from Tiesta Tea into my teacup, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the aroma – it smells like fresh, juicy peaches!  It reminds me of summer at my gramma’s house when I was young and the peach tree would yield its delicious fruit … the kitchen would smell so delicious as my gramma would slice up the peaches for peach pie (and of course, my favorite, warm peach sauce for Sunday morning waffles!)

I didn’t smell much of the ginger or the pepper as I poured the tisane … just peaches.  But now that I sip it, I do taste the ginger and pepper … although the flavor is not an overwhelming presence in the cup.  The ginger is gentle and relaxing, as the label on the pouch from Tiesta Tea promises.  Tiesta Tea offers five different “types” of teas and tisanes:  Energizer, Relaxer, Eternity, Immunity, and Slenderizer.  This tisane is part of the Relaxer category … and it is gentle in flavor, and it is very relaxing to sip.  It is also rather soothing, making it a nice choice for after meals.

I steeped this tisane for 7 minutes in almost boiling water (195°F), and this yielded a cup that started off rather muted, but, after sip number two, I began to pick up on the flavors.  The peach is very nicely defined at this point, and I taste subtle hints of the melon.

I taste floral tones as well.  I am surprised – but happily so – that I taste very little hibiscus here.  Maybe a hint of tartness comes through here and there.  And the hibiscus is noted in the texture of the tisane … it has a nice, smooth character.  I think that if I had steeped this tisane longer, the texture might have gone from smooth to syrupy.  By mid-cup, I start to notice the pleasant warming sensation from the ginger and the pepper.  It is a mild warmth.

This tastes a lot like a thin warmed, peach nectar that has been infused with ginger and pepper, with just a splash of honeydew melon juice.  It’s quite yummy!   A really nice tisane from Tiesta Tea!

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