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Ginseng Oolong (Lan Gui Ren) Tea Cubed from Lu-Lin Teas


tea_cubed_ginseng_oolongTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Lu-Lin Teas

Tea Description:

8 Tea Cubes containing our bestselling Single Estate Ginseng Oolong. It is made by rolling Oolong leaves into tight balls and coating them in a thin layer of ginseng and liquorice grass. When brewed it is fairly sweet and has a hint of liquorice. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I have been a long-time advocate for loose leaf tea, and while I do occasionally drink tea made with bagged tea leaves, I rarely find a bagged tea that offers as good a tea as loose leaf.  The reason is that the bag or sachet seldom offers enough room for the tea leaves to expand fully, so that the leaves can release their full flavor.  The tea leaves need lots of room … and this is especially true with Oolong teas which I have found often expand up to six or seven times their dry volume.  If an Oolong tea is confined to a bag or sachet, it simply does not have the room it needs to offer you – the drinker – the best flavor possible.

Well, this is the FIRST bagged tea I can stand behind with confidence.  It is a “cubed” bag, and these sachets offer more room that the tea needs to expand fully.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  If you MUST have a bagged tea because the convenience is important to you … this is the bagged tea that offers you BOTH convenience and the full flavor of loose leaf.

This Ginseng Oolong from Lu-Lin Teas a pleasant enough Oolong.  I don’t usually get excited over Ginseng, it isn’t my favorite herb … but, I am not hating it when it’s brought together with the smooth, sweet flavor of Oolong tea.  The overall cup tastes sweet, earthy, and there is a hint of spicy licorice.  Pleasant … not something I’d drink everyday, but, something that I’d find enjoyable on occasion.

And if Ginseng Oolong doesn’t make you jump through hoops, there are many other teas that Lu-Lin Teas offers in their cubed sachets.  These cubed sachets are the perfect option while traveling or at the office.  They offer the convenience of a bagged tea and the flavor of loose leaf.  A win-win!

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