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Driftwood Tea

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Osmanthus Oolong combines high quality Jin Xuan variety loose leaf tea with fresh osmanthus flowers to produce a most spectacular tea. Handmade and scented using only natural methods this is an example of an aromatic tea that tastes as good as it smells.

Key Flavours: Bright soft stone fruits. Juicy peaches and ripe apricots with delicate touches of natural creaminess.

Tasters Review:

The aroma prior to infusing reminds me of a combo of candy and flowers. Strange but true!   After infusing it smells like a ‘chewy’ or more savory-type combo of flowers, if that makes sense.

It ‘brews’ up to a lovely lemon-lime type color.

This oolong is neat!  I can taste a savory-creamy-flavor with a little hint of grapefruit, almost.  On the end sip I can pick up a dried apricot flavor, too, which I LOVE.  This is incredible! It’s very unique and darn tasty!

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