Chai Cola from Kally Tea

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Kally Tea

Tisane Description:

Okay all you cola lovers out there; this is what you have been looking for. A great healthy alternative to carbonated cola drinks. This chai starts off with a Rooibos base, then we mix ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom and a hint of vanilla flavor. Excellent either brewed with water alone or in the traditional Chai method. What a divine substitute.

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Taster’s Review:

It’s not that hard to get me really excited about a tea.  I get excited about tea every day!  But, it’s a little more difficult to get me excited over a tisane, particularly a rooibos tisane.  I just don’t really like rooibos enough to get really pumped up about it.

But this is really REALLY good.

The nutty flavor of the rooibos melds so seamlessly with the flavors of the spice and the cola notes that I hardly notice it as rooibos.  That’s quite a feat.  For me to actually like a rooibos blend usually either the rooibos needs to just work with the flavors at hand, or the flavors need to be strong enough to overwhelm the rooibos so I don’t taste the rooibos.  Here, though, the nutty sweetness of the rooibos comes together with the flavors of the cola and the spices in such a way that the rooibos isn’t exactly overwhelmed … it just becomes part of the blend in just the right way.

The cola flavor translates well here, and it goes together with the spices in a very nice way.  The spices energize the cola flavor, rather than offer a hot-spicy kind of taste.  The spices are warm but in a very gentle way, kind of like what you might expect in a chai cola, where the cola is the main flavor and the spices accent it.

I really enjoyed this cuppa – this is one that I’d be happy to have again and again!

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