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Yuzu Dream from Mellow Monk


Tea Type:
Green Tea

Where To Buy:
Mellow Monk

Product Description:

Yuzu Dream™

Green tea with sun-dried yuzu peel.

Origin: Aso city, Kumamoto, Japan

Aroma: Fresh earthiness of green tea with a yuzu fragrance rendolent of orange blossoms

Taste: Sweet, tangy, and earthy, with citron flavors and notes of orange blossom and rose.

Yuzu Dream™ is an exquisite blend of first-flush fukamushi tamaryokucha and dried peel from yuzu, arisinally grown on small orchards. The tamaryokucha (“curly green tea”) is of the same quality as our award-winning Top Leaf™. Both the tea and yuzu are specially selected and blended by the tea artisan-grower, for an experience that is unique in the world of tea. Must be brewed to be believed!

More about Yuzu Dream™

In Yuzu Dream™, the creamy mouthfeel and semi-sweetness of the artisanal green tea harmonizes beautifully with the citrusy tang, orange blossom fragrance, and rose notes of the yuzu. Yuzu fruit is grown on small, independent orchards in Kumamoto, where the ripened yuzu are hand picked and the peel is specially sun dried into nuggets bursting with flavor. The grower–artisan who crafts the tea in Yuzu Dream™ also personally selects the yuzu peel — using the same demanding standards he applies to his own teamaking — and blends it in perfect proportion with the tea.

Tasters Review:

Oh my – those were the first two words that came out of my mouth when I tried this!  Mellow Monk is KNOWN for their awesome straight-up GREEN Teas and this is their first ‘flavored’ one…I have to say…PERFECT First Attempt!

This aroma – DRY – is AMAZING!  You have your wonderfully fresh and crisp and clean Mellow Monk Green Tea with Sweet-Juicy-Citrus-Yuzu! WowZA! The dry aroma – alone – is enough to put me in a trance!


I added the water!

The infused aroma is unbelievable, too!  It’s somewhat the same but with a few minor additions! I can now pick up on a Creamy-Vanilla-HONEY type aroma…somewhat like a Creamsicle! Then there are hints of blossoms/floral notes! What surprise! What WONDER!

The infused liquor is a yellow-green with a slight grey-ness trying to hide throughout! I can now smell a bit of lima bean and/or spinach as well!

I’m totally LOVING the aroma both dry and wet!

YUM! The flavor…is…totally dreamy! Completely creamy!  Slightly Green-buttered-veggies! Citrusy and honey-esque!  This is better and better the more I drink it!

Unbelievable!  I can’t compare it to others!  The green tea base is perfect!  The Yuzu is perfect!  The texture, aroma, everything…honestly, I can’t imagine this ratio and recipe being changed or tweaked!

My goodness! WOW!  You seriously HAVE to try this for yourself!

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