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Warm Apple Pie from sTEAp Shoppe


Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black and White Blend

Where to Buy:  sTEAp Shoppe

Tea Description:

Warm Apple Pie is the experience of biting into that wonderful pie with the cinnamon and apples baked together wrapped in a flaky crust, without the guilt. Loose leaf Bai Mudan white tea & Assam flowery Orange Pekoe Black tea combined with Naturally Dried Apples and Organic Maple syrup crystals giving that rich apple pie taste. Local fresh pressed apple cider is infused in the dried apples to enhance the apple experience in this tea.

Bai Mudan White Tea, Assam Flowery Black Tea, Naturally Dried Apple, Fresh pressed Apple Cider, Organic Maple Syrup Crystals, Cinnamon, Allspice

Naturally Caffeinated

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

When I opened the package my eyes rolled back in my head and I emoted some primal “yummmmmm” sound. My mother made the most delicious apple crumble for Thanksgiving and this tea was spot on for that amazing aroma!

From the scent alone, my mouth was watering at the ripe juicy smell of apple! Now you may or may not know but sTEAp Shoppe uses all natural flavoring in their teas and Janet of sTEAp Shoppe works painstakingly to perfect her blends without going the easy route of artificial flavors! Her dedication to using natural ingredients is something I applaud.

First sip … Lord have mercy! This is so very very good. To me, its more of a tisane than a tea because it is something I would reach for in the evening when I need my sweet tooth appeased. The tea bases themselves are not what is front and center here but sometimes I just don’t care if I can taste the tea in a blend. I can’t say I am shocked by this either because in dry form the tea is not what is front and center either. More so oodles and oodles of apple pieces. Now of course there is tea present both in dry form and in the flavor of the tea itself but truly what stands out here is an all natural very fresh decedent flavor of apple cider, warm pie, maple, and a very delicious cobbler like flavor. Pie, cobbler, tort, whatever … its soooo good!

We have many apple orchards near my residence, luckily I have been exposed to many wonderful apples in my days, and I have to say that this tea brings back memories of growing up by an apple orchard, or the Apple Festival we have every year, or the historic park not too far from me where this dear old man runs a cider mill on weekends. Not to mention memories of that amazing apple pie my mother made for Thanksgiving recently.

This tea is on the sweeter side, the longer it sits and cools the sweeter it becomes. Yet with the all natural ingredients it offers so many health benefits it takes away the guilt of enjoying such a delicious decedent dessert, or um, I mean tea.

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