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Tibet Dream (Pure Tibet Spring Flower Tea) from In Nature Teas


Tea Type:
Red Tea (Black Tea)/Flower Blend

Where To Buy:
In Nature Teas

Product Description:

A new blend of red and flower teas, Tibet Dream has evoked the imagination of many as its red deep colors remind the Chinese of the deep red robes of the Tibet Monks. This blend is an exceptional combination of a red/black tea with a floral after-taste. Sweet in the palate and mild, this is a must-drink blend to the ones that can appreciate the qualities of superb tea, from the region of Fujian.

Tibet Dream is a great relaxing drink that is said to refresh your mind and body.

Tasters Review:

This has to be one of the most unique and interesting teas I have had in a LONG TIME…

Where to even begin?


Dry – It looks like dried Marigold Flowers or something similar. Maybe even a mini Dark Daisy or something. It’s incredibly light-weight and fluffy. It smells like Flowers, Fruit, Hibiscus, and Herbs. BUT…there isn’t any Hibiscus IN the loose leaf mixture! VERY interesting!

Once I poured water on top to infuse this I noticed the centers of the ‘flower’ puffed out even more. Much like a tea I once had from teaNY long ago! The yellow-orange flower petals expanded from the water and flopped-out and drooped over the puffy center.

Post infusion – the tea liquor is that of a light-medium red-brown. A very nice shade!

The tea taste itself is rather different than I anticipated. It’s Creamy and floral…not an old-lady flower-perfume type floral, but not a Jasmine either. I want to say it somewhat resembles a “cousin” to a chamomile type flavor but that might be a stretch as well as hard to comprehend unless you were to try it yourself. It has gentle fruity notes as well as some sort of likeness to the most mellow and most pale hibiscus you’ve ever tasted…BUT…REMEMBER…I really don’t see any hibiscus in here! And I’m not saying it’s that stereotypical tarty hibiscus flavor either…I’m just not completely sure how to describe it…it’s just the closest comparison I can make to it, I guess. It’s really pleasant and really different. As it starts to cool a bit I’m picking up semi-sweet and semi-dry wine type flavors in the aftertaste but not before I pick up a refreshing celery type hint in mid-sip! Again, this is quite the roller coaster ride and I LIKE it! The cooler it gets I can taste more subtle fruity flavors underneath floral/herbal combo’s.

I have to fess-up! I would certainly have identified this as a flowering-type tea because it’s obviously flower contents but I was surprised they have it listed as a Black Flowering Blend as I don’t ‘see’ actual black tea in there – BUT – when you infuse the loose leaf…it’s that of a milder black tea! Very unique…very interesting…VERY strange…I really thing that is why I like this tea because it really made me think…it really surprised me…and it REALLY threw me for a loop!  Well Done on this tea!

As far as the name goes!  Tibet Dream.  I certainly have been sitting here – sipping on my new tea from In Nature Teas thinking of the Tibetan People, the Tibetan Monks while looking at my Windhorse Pray Flags displayed on my wall.  I dream of peace, love, joy, happiness, and freedom for all!  This is a great tea to assist with those positive thoughts and meditations – hopes and dreams – for everyone across the lands!


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“Tibet Dream (Pure Tibet Spring Flower Tea) from In Nature Teas”

  1. Profile photo of amyoh October 12th, 2012 at 7:31 pm       amyoh Says:

    I might need to check this one out!

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