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Shanlinxi Zhu Wan Oolong from T-Oolong Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  T-Oolong Tea

Tea Description:

This high quality Shanlinxi Zhu Wan Oolong Tea is handpicked, handcrafted and produced from Qingxin Oolong varietal grown in the mountain areas of Zhu Wan district in Shanlinxi area. The aroma and taste of the tea are intensely floral and sweet, very rich, complex and delectable with almost no bitterness and astringency. This tea also comes with a very sweet and long lasting aftertaste, and stands up very well to multiple infusions. It is a very enjoyable Shanlinxi tea we highly recommend.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve often stated that Ali Shan Oolong teas are my favorite type of Oolong, however, I must admit that after trying a few of the Shanlinxi Oolong teas from T-Oolong Tea … the Shanlinxi are offering up some stiff competition to my beloved Ali Shan!  This Shanlinxi Zhu Wan is amazing!

It is so sweet and there is a light creaminess to it, but it is also light and crisp, like the sweet, clean taste of mountain air.  It has a pleasant floral tone – not sharp or intrusive, it is a very smooth, sweet floral note.  The creaminess adds a richness to the texture and taste, but, it isn’t heavy tasting nor does it feel heavy on the palate.  It tastes and feels very refreshing and clean.

And as with any Oolong of high quality such as this, this Oolong is ready and eager for multiple infusions.   Subsequent infusions delivered a more unified flavor, very smooth and harmonious, with the floral notes and sweet, creamy tones melding in a very seamless way.  The floral notes are stronger now and rest on the back of the palate.  Still not heavy in any way, the flavor is stronger, but it flows more smoothly across the palate.

If you like Ali Shan, you should do yourself a favor and also try Shanlinxi Oolong teas – they are similar enough that I think fans of Ali Shan can enjoy the Shanlinxi teas too, but they also offer some intriguing differences that are really quite refreshing.

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