Royal Tea of Kenya Tajiri Black Orthodox Tea from Grey’s Teas

Tea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Grey’s Teas

Product Description:

A rare and wonderful orthodox tea from Kenya… Now aged 111 Arthur Njuguna Komo planted his tea estate over fifty years ago on naturally fertile soils at an altitude of 6700 ft in Gatundu District, amongst the foothills of Mount Kenya, alongside the Rundu and Mukengeria rivers. Whilst continuing to play an active role in ensuring the quality of his tea and furthering the enlightened approach to employment which he pioneered, it is now run by his grandaughter, Joy. This orthodox, large leaf tea is neatly twisted and has a lovely appley and caramel aroma. In the cup it is deep bronze. It is full bodied, rich and smooth with a certain sweetness. Brew for four minutes. It may be drunk with milk.

Tasters Review:

I do NOT add milk to my teas – or any other additions – for that matter – and I found this tea to be wonderful without, as well!

The more teas from Kenya I am able to try the more I must say I am a flat-out FAN of Kenyan Teas!  This one is no exception!  This smells slightly bready – which I LOVE.  The taste is certainly robust but also a bit sweet – and sour (but in a good way), and it smooths out in the end quite nicely.  There is an afterthought of smoke in there, somewhere, too!  A neat surprise!  This is a solid black tea!


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1 thought on “Royal Tea of Kenya Tajiri Black Orthodox Tea from Grey’s Teas

  1. I’ve only had a few, but I really enjoy a good quality Kenyan tea.

    I’ve had a couple fron Tanzania that I liked as well. The ones I’ve tried, looked closer to a CTC tea.

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