Breakfast Black Tulsi from Shanti Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea & Tulsi

Where to Buy:  Shanti Tea

Product Description:

Tulsi is one of India’s most sacred herbs, an aromatic shrub recognized for its spiritually uplifting and healing properties. This tulsi blend is a great morning tea, combining the strong and malty taste of Asamese black tea with the spicy-minty aroma and flavor of high-quality tulsi.

Tulsi or holy basil is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition and is worshiped in the morning and evening by Hindus at large. The holy basil is also a herbal remedy for a lot of common ailments. Holy Basil has been called the “Incomparable One”, the “Queen of Herbs” and “The Elixir of Life.”

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Taster’s Review:

This has to be one of the most interesting and unusual breakfast blends I’ve ever tasted.  Interesting, yes … unusual, yes … but also very delicious.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to think of it before I brewed it.  I thought that the black tea might overwhelm the Tulsi.  But that thought vanished as soon as I walked into the kitchen after the tea finished brewing.  The smell of warm, savory spice filled the air.  I don’t think I’ve experienced that aroma from Tulsi in any other Tulsi that I’ve brewed, even the straight up Tulsi!  Maybe it’s the presence of the Assam that brings out those sassy tones from the Tulsi.

The black tea is – interestingly enough – not the strongest flavor I’m experiencing.  The Tulsi is strong and pleasant.  It offers hints of mint, basil and a warm, peppery note as well.  It’s providing a very arresting kind of spice experience:  a crisp, zesty taste of mint, a savory note of basil, and the warm undertone of spice that is quite inviting and comforting.

But all that is not to say that the Assam is overwhelmed here.  As if an Assam tea would let such a thing happen!  It certainly makes its presence known here, although it has managed to master a graceful subtlety to its approach.  It is rich and malty, sure, and provides a strong backdrop of flavor and a fullness to the body that is needed in a good breakfast blend.

Another thing that I’m noticing is a sort of slickness to the texture of the tea.  It sort of smoothly, silkily washes over the palate.  I like it especially because it seems to buffer any attempts at a strong astringent take over by the Assam.   Yes, there is some astringency, but it only alludes to a tangy dryness without seeing it through.

I like this breakfast blend very much – I consider it a MUST TRY for those of you who are looking for something a little different in your early morning tea.

Anne (aka the Mad Tea Artist) has celebrated her 29th birthday for many years now. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her hubby and her youngest daughter. Her oldest daughter is married and has bestowed Anne with the proud title of “Gramma” and her grandson is about the cutest boy you ever did see.

Anne started her journey with tea as a casual drinker and became more serious about her tea drinking when she realized that she couldn’t drink coffee. Shortly thereafter, she started becoming obsessed with the beverage and she started creating small-batch, artisan blends of tea that she sold online as LiberTEAS. After a few years, she realized she wasn’t cut out to be the sole proprietor of a business so she closed LiberTEAS and started reviewing teas online. She met Jennifer through another blog that they both reviewed for and they decided to start their own review blog. This review blog!

Throughout her journey as a tea reviewer, she discovered 52Teas and became enamored with the idea of creating a new tea every week. When the founder of 52Teas decided he wanted to move on, he offered the business to Anne but knowing that she wasn’t cut out to be a sole proprietor, she instead offered the company to her oldest daughter who employs her as the Mad Tea Artist for 52Teas!

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