Prosperity Cube Pu-erh Tea (Year 2003) from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pu-erh

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

From the ancient halls of Chinese herbal science comes a special tea that is designed to call out to the spiritual world; Prosperity Pu-Erh Tea! When civilization was born, Chinese healers developed the arts of Feng Shui, writing, and herbology, and the Prosperity Cube. The Cube is a compressed block of herbs that have been specially prepared with sticky syrup and a small square mold. A Chinese character is applied to the cube during the molding process, as a spiritual call for a certain quality. When shared with family, the Prosperity Cube can be amazingly effective in lifting the financial burdens of the participants. Packed with just as many health benefits as other tea varities, Pu-Erh tea such as the Prosperity Cube make excellent sipping teas for those looking for a traditional Chinese taste.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve come to realize that not all Pu-erh teas are the same.  Just like with any tea type there are good Pu-erh teas and there are not-so-good Pu-erh.  This Prosperity Cube from Red Leaf Tea happens to be one of the good ones!

This Pu-erh is incredibly flavorful – and very pleasantly sweet!  The aroma of the dry leaf is a little earthy, but in comparison to some other Pu-erh teas I’ve encountered, I would say that the earthiness here is rather mild.

The steeped tea smells a bit more like damp wood than of earth, and there is a sweet kind of aroma to it too that reminds me a bit of caramelized sugar.  That caramel essence translates into the flavor very well, in fact, this is one of the sweetest Pu-erh teas that I’ve yet to try.  It isn’t the “deep undertone of caramel-y sweetness” that I often describe when reviewing Pu-erh, this is a sweet, caramel syrup overtone that is front and center.

It is incredibly smooth and there is no bitterness whatsoever.  I am also having a hard time discerning any hint of astringency to this cup.  It is just smooth and sweet from start to finish, with an oaken undertone and a hint of earth that hits just after the start.

If you’re like me and have had one or more unpleasant Pu-erh experiences in the past, don’t let that stop you from trying more.  If you do, you are only depriving yourself of what is indeed a fascinating journey of discovery.  On my journey, I am discovering so many wonderful Pu-erh teas there are out there to enjoy!

And if you’ve decided that maybe you should give Pu-erh one more try, I recommend starting with this Prosperity Cube from Red Leaf Tea.  One taste of it and you’ll have a hard time remembering what “bad” Pu-erh is like … this one is THAT good!


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