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Tochiotome from Lupicia


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Lupicia

Product Description:

Japanese green tea is scented with the fresh and juicy aroma of “TOCHIOTOME”, the representative strawberry cultivar of Japan.

Taster’s Review:

I love strawberries, they are one of my favorite fruits.  And perhaps even better than a fresh, sun-ripened strawberry is a cup of strawberry tea.  (What can I say, I love tea even more than I love strawberries!)  And when it comes to strawberry flavored teas, the best place to go is Lupicia!

Why?  Quite simply, Lupicia has the largest selection of strawberry flavored teas that I have ever seen with something that is sure to please just about any strawberry enthusiast.  They manage to capture this delicious fruit in all its splendor.  Tochiotome is the most recent strawberry tea from Lupicia that I’ve been lucky enough to sample, and it is a very special tea, indeed.

Now, I have not tried the Tochiotome strawberry, and since it is cultivated in Japan, I probably never will.  So, I have only this tea from Lupicia to go on.  The flavor is unlike a typical strawberry I would find locally.  It has a wine-like characteristic.  It is a distinct strawberry taste – sweet and juicy with tangy notes at the finish – but, there is more to it than just the typical strawberry notes.  This Tochiotome strawberry almost seems to taste like a cross between a strawberry and an elderberry!  It’s rather enchanting!

The green tea base is light-bodied with a delicate, fresh taste.  There are hints of grassy notes in the background but nothing too strong to distract the palate from the enticing berry flavor.  It has a very clean taste and seems quite content to let the Tochiotome strawberry play the lead role in this cup.

If you are a fan of strawberries and are looking for something a little different and interesting, I recommend giving this a try.  It is a delightfully contemplative cup!

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“Tochiotome from Lupicia”

  1. April 30th, 2011 at 5:42 pm       iheartteas Says:

    Agreed this one is very delicious and unique. :-)

Our mutual love for tea and writing about it inspired us to start this blog so that we could better share this love with others.

One thing I (Anne) learned very early on in my career as a tea artist is that everyone has different preferences, and every single tea tastes differently on every single palate.  So just because one of us doesn’t happen to like a tea, doesn’t mean that YOU (the reader) will not.

We try to be as impartial as we can.  We do have our favorites.  We are human.  But we do our very best to be as fair and as honest about a tea as we can be.

You might not agree with my assessment – or with Jennifer’s assessment – of a tea.  But that’s OK… if we all liked the same exact tea – we’d only need ONE kind of tea and … wow… that sounds really boring, indeed!

What a beautiful world it is that we have so many teas to suit so many tea enthusiasts!