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PRODUCT REVIEW: Coffee Blend Bhakti Chai Concentrate from Bhakti Chai


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  For more information about this product including how to purchase, visit:  Bhakti Chai

Product Description:

Original Blend with a splash of cold-pressed organic coffee.

Taster’s Review:

I realize that I run the risk of sounding redundant here… but I love Bhakti Chai!  So far, I have tried their original concentrate and their unsweetened concentrate and I enjoyed both of them… and now I am tasting their “Coffee Blend” – which is essentially their original blend with a little bit of coffee in it.

This is vibrant and full of flavor.  The ginger is not quite as peppery tasting as it is in the other blends, perhaps the coffee mutes some of the strong spice.  That is not to say that the spices are gone, they’re just a little bit softer than I remember them from the previous tastings.  It is still very gingery, and very delicious.

Now, I am not a big fan of coffee.  As I’ve said before, I used to drink it regularly, but, I realized that it was upsetting my stomach so I stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea.  I’m happier now that I’ve switched… but, this chai offers me a little opportunity to enjoy that coffee flavor that I miss sometimes… only time will tell if this particular blend will upset my stomach the way that drinking coffee did… I’ll have to report back in a few hours with the verdict!

Revisiting one day later: I sit here with another cup of this chai in hand, and I must say that yesterday I did not notice any ill-effects from my first cup.  I suspect that this might have something to do with the ginger in the tea (which has a soothing effect on the tummy), and perhaps it might also have something to do with the polyphenols in the tea and it also regulated the caffeine in the coffee.  I will also say that I didn’t notice a jolt or spike in energy levels after I drink this, so perhaps it is the polyphenols at work here.

Either way, this is an excellent variation on chai.  I am quite enjoying the addition of coffee in this blend, it adds a very pleasant flavor!  I do believe I’m developing an addiction to Bhakti Chai!

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