Chai with Vanilla from Empire Tea Services

Tea Type: Chai Tea (Black Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Empire Tea Services

Product Description:

The same authentic Chai with added Vanilla flavor.

Tasters Review:

I LOVE Chai…but it has to be something that stands out…something different…something versatile.

Chai with Vanilla from Empire Tea Services has all of those qualities and more!

I really like this chai!  And here’s why…

The spices are nice and even and not over powering and the vanilla is an awesome accompaniment to everything! I can pick up on a bit of a citrus note but the aroma is wonderful!

For kicks I tried a 2nd infusion with this one and here is what I found…it’s still yummy!  A little less vanilla but still very aromatic and tasty!

This is one chai I LOVE!

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