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PRODUCT REVIEW: Organic Peach Black Tea Concentrate from Third Street Chai


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Third Street Chai

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Product Description:

International Tea Master Barry W. Cooper travels the globe in search of the finest tea leaves for use in his signature blends of iced teas. Third Street has partnered with Barry to brew and bottle these special concentrated organic tea blends.

Now you can enjoy a glass or pitcher of real, artisan brewed tea in just seconds!

Peach Black Tea: A refreshing black tea with a full-bodied and rounded note of peach flavor.

The co-branded tea concentrates are made from real brewed tea leaves, are USDA Organic certified, and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  Each 1 quart bottle makes 2 gallons of brewed tea (in less than 1 minute!)

Taster’s Review:

Making a pitcher of iced tea has never been simpler!  Simply measure out 1 part tea concentrate to 7 parts fresh, cold water (I recommend filtering your water for best results), stir, and enjoy!  And since this is a sweetened concentrate, it doesn’t even need sweetener.  Great if you want to enjoy a refreshing glass of iced tea but just don’t have the time to brew it, and tastes much better than that instant powder from the grocery store.

The black tea base is brisk but not what I would consider strong or bold.  A mild tea with a lot of flavor.  The real star of this iced tea concentrate is the peach flavor!  It is so deliciously juicy!  It tastes like a freshly picked peach.

This pre-sweetened concentrate makes an iced tea that is a little sweeter than if I would have brewed it myself, but even as it is, it isn’t as sweet as many of those ready-to-drink iced teas in a can or bottle that taste more like liquid sugar than tea.  I can taste the tea with this product!

It is a very pleasant, refreshing beverage that was just perfect for this evening – I came home with a take-out dinner and didn’t have any tea made.  I just opened the bottle, measured the concentrate and water, and presto!  I have delicious iced tea to enjoy with my dinner!

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