Black Matcha from Pure Matcha

Tea Type: Matcha
(Black Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Pure Matcha

Product Description:

During the Song Dynasty in 11th century China, tea was consumed in powder form. Centuries later this innovative way of drinking black tea has been reinvented with our natural 100% Black tea powder or Black Matcha. Consumed just like traditional Green tea Matcha our Black Matcha is made from the finest Darjeeling and Assam tea leaves of India, and has a robust rich flavor. Higher in natural caffeine than a traditional cup of black tea, rivaling that of a cup of coffee. Except with Black Matcha there is no jittery crash. When you drink Black Matcha you get almost ten times more anti-oxidants and vitamins than a regular cup of tea, where the leaves are thrown away after brewing. Black Matcha is great for a healthy morning wake up.

Tasters Review:

I’ve been looking for black matcha powders since having one I enjoyed a few months back!  The one I had then was a flavored one.  I REALLY wanted to taste – and possibly get hooked on – a non-flavored, plain, black tea matcha powder!  I was so excited when I received this one from Pure Matcha!

Pure Matcha’s Black Matcha smells like a creamier-black tea would.  After preparing this I thought  it looked much like a mocha or latte-type drink.

And…you know what?  This tastes JUST like Assam!  That, in itself, had me VERY excited!   The powder dissolved for me perfectly!   There was a natural creaminess to this that I really like.  As far as the strength of the black tea – I would say it was a medium strength black tasting type tea.

This is a product that is SURE to be in high demand!  I enjoyed this very much!

I also want to say that the correspondence from this company is top-notch!  So if you have any questions – don’t be afraid to drop them an email!  Their website is very easy to navigate, too!

Stay tuned to SororiTEA Sisters for more reviews on Pure Matcha and their offerings!

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