Orange Red Carrot Raw Green Bush Tea from The Republic of Tea

Tea Type: (Green) Rooibos

Where To Buy: The Republic Of Tea

Product Description:

Blended with orange peel, sweet carrot and beetroot bits, Raw Green Rooibos takes on a fresh, wake-up flavor. If you could taste sunshine, it just might taste like this.

Low in tannins, it steeps a unique, gratifying cup — hot or iced.

Tasters Review:

I LOVE that Republic of Tea is thinking outside of the box on these really unique flavors especially with this Raw Green Bush Tea Line!!

The aroma of this Orange Red Carrot Raw Green Bush Tea is mellow yet pleasant.  I could smell mostly orange and carrot but I can tell there were other ingredients in there, too!  The Green Rooibos is perfect in this!  The flavors of the Orange and Carrot are really awesome together, too!  I could taste a V8 type comparison to it or a fresh Carrot Juice, even.  I really liked the Carrot and Orange together!  This is much smoother than I expected it to be.

The only thing I would change would be to intensify the overall flavor.  It’s so tasty I wanted it to be stronger so I tried what I like to call the DOUBLE SHOT!

2 bags = DOUBLE SHOT!!!!

The color was much more vibrant.  The aroma was stronger. The taste was magnified yet still smooth.

I will say that I would probably do this 2-bag method more because I do like it stronger!

What can I say…but…Carrots and Orange! YUM!

It’s a little more beet-like this time around too…using the DOUBLE SHOT Method (or Double Bag Method).

Neat offering!  I really like this!


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