Premium Taiwan High Mountain Oolong from Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Tea Type: Oolong Tea

Where To Buy: Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Product Description:

Origin: Taiwan
Brew: Russet Gold
Type: Oolong
Flavor: Delicate with woodsy notes and a refreshing finish

Description: High Mountain Oolong Tea is synonymous with the finest Oolong teas in the world. They are grown at high elevations in Taiwan, which has a unique environment due to its geographical location, mountainous terrain, and subtropical climate. The result is a greater quality tea. Also known as Wu-long Tea, this semi-oxidized tea is commonly brewed strong and is known to help metabolism.

Cups per 4 Oz: 20 cups.

Tasters Review:

The aroma of this Premium Taiwan High Mountain Oolong from Bird Pick reminds me of one of the Charcoal Oolong Offerings that another company offers that I have enjoyed in the past.

It does taste different tho.  This specific tea tastes like a nice, flavorful Oolong.   It starts off with an earthy and leafy taste and ends sweeter and more refreshing.   It doesn’t seem to keep the charcoal traits I thought it would based on the aroma…but that is what makes this different, I suppose, and I am excited about that!

This is a really nice oolong…Nice and strong!  I am really excited about the Bird Pick Teas I have received and will be reviewing more soon!  They have many wonderful offerings and the majority of them on their website are making me what to place an order in the new year!


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