Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong Superior Grade Tea from Life In Teacup

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Life In Teacup

Product Description:

The origin of Fo Shou tea cultivar is a mystery. Many people say it was obtained by engrafting tea tree with Fo Shou (bergamot) tree. The engrafting theory of Fo Shou oolong has never been proved. But the characteristics of this tea do remind a drinker of fragrance of Fo Shou fruits.

Brew method:
1a. Oolong, ball-shaped dry tea leaves

  • Vessel: gaiwan or small teapot
  • Water temperature: newly boiled water (above 95 °C or 203 °F)
  • Amount of leaves: 5 gram for every 120ml total volume (Or reduce the amount to 3 gram for some heavy oxidation and/or heavy roast products)
  • Warm-up infusion: pour hot water in the vessel, and immediately drain it. Wait for about 1min. before starting the next infusion.
  • Time for each of the first 3 infusions (after warm-up): 20sec. (Or reduce the infusion time to 10-15sec. for some heavy oxidation and/or heavy roast products)
  • Extend infusion time based on taste for later infusions. Most oolong tea can well last for at least 5-7 infusions.


  • Vessel: mug
  • Water temperature: (same as “1a”) newly boiled water (around 95 °C or 203 °F)
  • Amount of leaves: 15-20 grains of dry tea leaves
  • Steep time: 1-2 minutes
  • Re-steep: when there is 1/3 liquor left in the vessel, add hot water to re-steep.

Tasters Review:

Plain and Simple…I LOVE THIS.  I would rate this above 95% any day of the week!

Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong Superior Grade Tea from Life In Teacup smells like a sweet-floral and mellow yet juicy fruit of the citrus variety. The Infusion color is that of a light-oolong.  The taste is out of this world…a pure delight!  It’s very pure, crisp, and thirst quenching.  I could tell it was an Oolong by it’s taste but it’s so much more than that…it’s incredible!   I really, really like this! The flavor of the oolong is one thing but the Bergamot is another.  I’ve never tasted a bergamot flavor like this and I must say after tasting it – all Bergamot should taste like this!  The flavor doesn’t take over the natural goodness of the oolong and the bergamot doesn’t taste fake or chemically at all!

I have also tried the other two Bergamot Fo Shou Oolongs and I think the Superior really IS superior!  I like all 3 of the offerings but this one is my favorite one of the 3.  Down the road I plan on reviewing the other 2 as well.  BUT…in the meantime…I encourage all of your Oolong Lovers to try this one!  It’s worth it!!


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