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Product Review: Pineapple Passion Tea-Infused Chocolate Truffle from Arbor Teas


photo taken by amazonv, and used with her permission.

Where to Buy:  Arbor Teas

Company Description:

Our sweet and fruity Pineapple Passion Green Tea is infused in the soft, creamy which chocolate ganache that fills the dark chocolate shell.

Taster’s Review:

Editor’s Note:  This review represents part 2 of 6 reviews, one review for each of the six flavors in the truffle collection available from Arbor Teas.

I believe I started “part 1″ of this series of Arbor Tea Chocolate Truffle reviews with the words “Oh yummy!” and at the risk of sounding redundant:  Oh yummy!

These truffles are a little bit of heaven.  This Pineapple Passion truffle has been infused with the flavor of Arbor Teas’ Pineapple Passion tea – a tropical-flavored green tea.  I haven’t yet tried this tea (although I hope I will one of these days), but it certainly does make a delicious truffle!

The flavor is sweet – not just from the chocolate, but, also from the delicate notes of passion fruit and pineapple.  I can even taste the green tea flavor, although I must admit that the chocolate flavor does overwhelm the delicate green tea just a little bit.

The key is to savor the truffle by allowing it to melt upon the tongue slightly.  This gives the flavors time to reach the palate so that they can properly be experienced. Enjoying the truffles this way will not result in a lot of green tea flavor, but it will result in more green tea flavor than if you were to happily munch through the truffle without allowing the flavors to develop on the palate.

The pineapple tastes sweet and juicy, as does the passion fruit.  Pleasantly tropical.  The white chocolate is smooth and creamy.  I like that the white chocolate is used for the ganache in this truffle, so that it doesn’t completely overwhelm the green tea taste.

The dark chocolate shell is slightly bitter, slightly sweet – and as much as I adore dark chocolate, I can’t help but wonder if I could taste more of the green tea if the shell had been made from white chocolate.

I do love the combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate, though.  White chocolate is often too sweet for my liking, so I love how the slight bitter tones of the dark chocolate cut through that sweet creaminess just enough, making this truffle not too sweet – just incredibly decadent!

I am REALLY enjoying this journey through this box of truffles!

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