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Decaf Chocolate Cheesecake Chai from 52 Teas


Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: 52 Teas

Product Description:

Our Traditional Masala Chai with rich organic cacao nibs and essence of New York Cheesecake.

Ingredients: Premium Assam Teas, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Organic Cacao Nibs, Natural and/or Artificial Flavorings.

Tasters Review:

Okay…so…both Anne and I have reviewed this tea, briefly, over at Steepster and I thought I would post my official review today here at SororiTEA Sisters because I had a cup yesterday and two cups so far today and seemed to be craving this more and more lately.

Let me start off by saying…I LOVE CHEESECAKE.  I’m not much of a dessert person, overall, but I do LOVE Cheesecake!  And I like chocolate, sure, but I can’t say I must have chocolate everyday like some people do.  On the other hand I HAVE been searching for good, solid, true Chocolaty tasting teas and I must say – this is one of them!

I also must put on the table – this statement – I prefer this DECAF Version of this than the regular offering by 52 Teas.  I am pointing this out for several reasons!  One…I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a Decaf version better than the regular version.  Sometimes I feel they are pretty “even-steven” but rarely – if ever – do I find them MUCH better tasting – if you know what I mean!?  Another reason is the difference in actual taste between the two versions and how noticeable the tastes are.  And third – those taste differences being – mainly – the taste of the chocolate and the taste of the cheesecake-likeness!

Now…on to the actual tasting notes for this tea…

Prior to infusion this smells just like a Chocolate Cheesecake WOULD or SHOULD.  The taste is not as spicy – which I like for a chocolate cheesecake type.  After spending some time with this tea I found by doubling the amount – but not the infusion length (per say) – I could taste both the chocolate and the cheesecake flavors MORE and I prefer it that way, actually.  The Chocolate Flavors are sweet and sugary and milky.  The Cheesecake is fairly cheesecake-like and almost frothy-tasting…creamy!  The chai spices are present but more in the background.  I will say that if you are specifically looking for those chai spices – try a 2nd infusion on this one!  I did and it wasn’t bad at all!

This is not only a tea – but a piece of ART.  I LOVE it!



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