Guiltless Apple Pie from Element Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos & Honeybush

Where to Buy:  Element Tea

Company Description:

This sin-free delicious dessert tea is perfect for any autumn day when you crave Apple Pie the most. You can literally taste the warm sliced apples and pastry in your cup. Yum!

Ingredients: Green Honeybush, Green Rooibos, Apple Bits, Raisins, Hazelnut, Flavoring Bits

Taster’s Review:

This tea smells so good.  The dry leaf smells like a nutty apple pie.  The brewed liquor smells a little less like pie but a little more of the apple scent comes through, and I can still smell the nutty scent.  It smells like a homemade apple pie and evokes memories of visits to gramma’s house.

Mmm!  This is delicious.

Let me start with the base of honeybush and rooibos.  Using green honeybush and green rooibos for this blend is GENIUS for a couple of reasons.  First, the green (or unoxidized) varieties of these two herbs tends to be lighter and fresher tasting.  The green varieties also tend to have a little less of the woodsy flavor that these two leaves are known to have, and instead, the flavor tends to lean a little towards the fruity side.  There is still a light woodsy flavor to it, but, because there is also a somewhat fruity nature to the taste, it lends itself well to a fruity dessert tea such as this.

Second, I have found that in a blend containing both rooibos and honeybush, that the honey-like quality of the honeybush tends to tame that funky sweet aftertaste of the rooibos quite well.  By using both of these two leaves in the blend, Element Tea has managed to cancel out the funky taste of the rooibos while keeping a light, fruity taste and a honey-esque sweetness that complements the overall profile of this tisane very well.

But, enough with all the technical talk… let’s start talking about how this tea tastes!  Put very simply, it tastes just as the name implies:  it tastes like apple pie in a tea cup!  The apple and raisins lend a sweet and well-rounded fruit flavor to the tisane, while the hazelnut offers a nutty taste.  I can taste a pastry flavor to this too, it is slightly buttery.  The nutty taste from the hazelnuts elevates the buttery quality and gives it a very nice, nutty crust like taste.

YUMMY!  This tea is true to its name.  It’s a great way to have your pie and drink it too!

Anne (aka the Mad Tea Artist) has celebrated her 29th birthday for many years now. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her hubby and her youngest daughter. Her oldest daughter is married and has bestowed Anne with the proud title of “Gramma” and her grandson is about the cutest boy you ever did see.

Anne started her journey with tea as a casual drinker and became more serious about her tea drinking when she realized that she couldn’t drink coffee. Shortly thereafter, she started becoming obsessed with the beverage and she started creating small-batch, artisan blends of tea that she sold online as LiberTEAS. After a few years, she realized she wasn’t cut out to be the sole proprietor of a business so she closed LiberTEAS and started reviewing teas online. She met Jennifer through another blog that they both reviewed for and they decided to start their own review blog. This review blog!

Throughout her journey as a tea reviewer, she discovered 52Teas and became enamored with the idea of creating a new tea every week. When the founder of 52Teas decided he wanted to move on, he offered the business to Anne but knowing that she wasn’t cut out to be a sole proprietor, she instead offered the company to her oldest daughter who employs her as the Mad Tea Artist for 52Teas!

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