Kiwi Lemon Oolong from Shanti Tea

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Shanti Tea

Product Description:

(Since this is a BRAND NEW TEA – there is not an official product description on their website yet so I will post more information on their company as a whole…)

Shanti Tea was founded in 2009 by my wife and I, students in Naturopathic Medicine and Architecture.  Our vision is to combine something we love (tea, of course), with the ideals that shape our daily lives:  health, sustainability, and social consciousness.  We fill a very particular niche in the Canadian tea market, as we provide only the most fairly traded, the most sustainably grown, the healthiest, and the most delicious tea you’ve ever tasted – As a result, we are often the only supplier of organic, biodynamic, and Fair Trade Certified varieties of specialty tea on the Canadian market.

Every single one of our teas are certified organic by our suppliers and by the producing countries, and meet the strict requirements for USDA Organic, EcoCert (Canada), and European Certification Bodies.  We do not sell any non-organic teas.

Most of our teas are Fair Trade Certified by Transfair Canada.

Tasters Review:

As I stated above – this is a brand new flavored oolong from Shanti and I am super excited about it!

At first sniff – dry – right out of the package…my first reaction was…”OH! It’s Lemon Pledge”…but wait there’s more! I can smell the Kiwi too!  How lovely, I thought to myself!  It’s very lemon and quite kiwi!

Kiwi Lemon Oolong from Shanti Tea infuses quite dark for an oolong but I really like the color!

The taste is refreshing and juicy!  Lemon and Kiwi – of course!  It’s a pure delight! I really like Kiwi Lemon Oolong from Shanti and it’s a very flavorful – flavored Oolong!  Keep an eye on their website for availability!



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