Savanna Vanilla African Rooibos from Domo

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Savanna Vanilla African Rooibos Tea

For hundreds of years the Khoisan people of South Africa have enjoyed rooibos tea, not just for its sweet, delicate taste but for its medicinal value. Now Domo has captured the spirit of the wild with a subtle blend of red rooibos and natural vanilla. Domo Flavour-Infused Rooibos is a whole new way to enjoy tea, and thanks to a high antioxidant count and no caffeine, it’s also one of the healthiest teas you can buy. Try Domo Vanilla-Enhanced Rooibos and rediscover the spirit of Africa.

Contents: Vanilla-Enhanced African Rooibos Tea, 1lb resealable pack


$20.99 CDN

I must say I am blown away with the new offerings over at Domo!  Here is another new product of theirs…

Savanna Vanilla African Rooibos!

So far from the new products Domo is offering I am VERY impressed with the Aroma!  The aroma prior to whisking was Vanilla Hot Chocolate-type smell…VERY tempting!  After whisking a stereotypical yet highly scented Vanilla Rooibos.

The Color is that of a cloudy dark reddish brown.  There are very small pebbles of powder floating on top which later I found to be sugary delights!  The Taste is…WOW!  Not only is it rooibos sweet but it’s SUGAR Sweet! And a lovely Vanilla! This is very VERY sweet and sugary and treat-like!

If you like sweet and you like sugar or if you try anything vanilla flavored – you will probably like this!  If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet-tooth…try this!  Or if you are like me and just like trying new things!  This is NEW…try it!


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