Organic Earl Grey from Hope and Glory

The leaves of this tea have a lovely refreshing fragrance even before steeping. I steeped it just after boiling, as per the steeping info. I used about 5 grams for about 10 oz. of water. I steeped it in one of my wire mesh ball infusers, but next time I’d plan to use my fine-weave steeping basket because some of the leaves are fine enough that a few leaf particles escaped through the mesh. (I’m Read More


Organic Vanilla Almond Sachet from Boston Tea Company

This morning my tea infusers are all full of teas that I plan to re-steep but don’t currently feel like drinking, so I decided that now is the perfect time to try this tea, which comes in a handy and elegant pyramid-shaped sachet. I steeped it for five minutes, which I spent wondering if it would taste like a baked good. I mean, vanilla and almond flavoring are two of the most common flavorings for Read More


Summer Sangria from The NecessiTeas

Summer Sangria from The NecessiTeas is a flavored white tea and the aroma AND flavor will captivate you as it did me! According to the product description Summer Sangria from The NecessiTeas has orange peel, blackberries, cornflower and marigold petals and natural flavors paired with the white tea base. Eventho I could taste a hint of blackberry, orange, and various floral notes I could have sworn I was also tasting a bit of lemon and Read More


Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong from Eco Cha

Oolongs are mysterious creatures- full of complexity, and with such a wide variety of dominant flavors depending on how the leaves are processed. For me, they are the closest I will get to anything like ripe pu’erh for probably a long time. That said, whenever I am presented with an oolong from a well-known, high quality tea vendor, I am always very excited, and like to put my “snooty tea connoisseur” wizard hat on for Read More


#FanaticFriday: Emily Dickinson’s Jasmine Tea Blend from Simpson and Vail

We at SororiTea Sisters adore our friends at Simpson & Vail so that is why we thought we would dedicate today’s posts to all things Simpson & Vail! We hope you enjoy our reviews and find some goodies to try for yourself! ~The SororiTea Sisters I was a bit hesitant about jumping right in to Emily Dickinson’s Jasmine Tea Blend from Simpson & Vail Tea. Not because I don’t like Jasmine – it’s just not Read More